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By Peter C. Peterson

Know the process and all the parties involved; make contacts with the agencies and conduct preapplication meetings; hire a consultant if the project is difficult; prepare a complete permit package with clear figures and information; be prepared for questions, and respond in a timely manner; be realistic about timeframes; don’t let the permits expire; and make sure and submit all post-project requirements such as completion notices and as-builts.

Making Marinas More Profitable

Budgeting your way to success.

By James L. Fry. Adapted From BoatingIndustry.com.
Tips From the Article:
Take a look at the “fixed” expenses or overhead items like property and personal taxes, insurance, and management expenses first. The cost of insurance represents a significant part of overall costs for marina operators yet many don’t make the time to shop for the best and most affordable policies. With regard to management overhead, take a look at your staffing plan and look for efficiency. Part of your planning and budgeting process should include a review of significant repair and renewal projects at your marina; Take a look at marketing and advertising expenses. Look hard at all the “things that we’ve always done.” Are they all still necessary or appropriate?

9/26/2017 12:00:00 AM

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